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Murano, italian glass jewelry

Murano, italian glass jewelry

Now in our selection of gorgeous and authentic handmade Murano glass jewelry from Venice in Italy! In the range you will find great Murano-glass earrings, pendants and earrings- pendant sets. All products are unique, not two identical

Murano Glass is a glass made from the island of Murano in Venice. The island of Murano has made stunning glassware products for centuries and has been of interest to glass workers across Europe. Even today, the glass artists working in Murano respect hundreds of years of old glass-working traditions.

Murano Glass is made from 70% Quartissand and 30% stabilizers. With these stabilizers, the glass can be thawed at a lower temperature, which means that there will be no air bubbles in the glass and are homogeneous. The Murano glass is colorless and the color is obtained by adding small amounts of minerals.

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